oktoberfest in sl and rl of course

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oktoberfest in SL (and RL, of course)…

Oh, the grandiose selection here…!

The beginning of fall means many things to many people the beginning of school, the end of baseball season or the beginning of (American) football however I measure it by one seminal event that I have always wanted to indulge in Octoberfest!

The stallions in the Wunderbar sim that brought all of the beer (virtutal, sadly enough)

My previous employ prevented me from doing so, however I am concocting a plan to deliver me to the Munich (RL, of course), so I can indulge in seeing Bayern Munchen play a home game, go to the fairgrounds, have a beer delivered by a prototypical Bavarian lady in a traditional drindl, and simply have a wonderful time!

The beer was, of course, good, but the environment was a bit sparse…

Unfortunately, that might be a couple of years away, so in the mean time, I shall simply go ahead, plan for the RL version, whilst I indulge in the SL version of Octoberfest, starting with the Wunderbar sim

I had idealized something along these lines in SL….

… and perhaps something extremely beautiful, such as this (and the young lady is quite pretty, also) {from Octoberfestgirls blog, listed below}

Very nicely build, but unfortunately, it was quite empty. I was hoping that I would be able to catch a few people in-world, but then again, if I were in Germany, I would be at the Bier Hall drinking, singing, eating, and drinking even more!

A dream picture from the Hacker Pschorr Tent this year

Did find a SL Bier Hall, but though I had all of the beer to myself, I did find myself to be a bit lonely. As such, I decided to pop into the best known German SL sim, Neufreistadt.

Arriving in Neufreistadt, with a much better sized mug!

I did find quite the crowd here, with dancing, drinking, and well, more dancing, but still, the atmosphere was more along the lines of what I had expected (or could expect, I should say). Everyone was very friendly, and if I was not busy taking photos, I probably would have imposed upon a young lady for a polka! Alas, RL demanded attention, and I departed, sadly.

Watching the polka, with a rat-man – only in SL

Nonetheless, if you have a chance to visit either Wunderbar or Neufreistadt, by all means do so! I have not been able to obtain a schedule for Wunderbar, but I have posted Neufreistadts schedule for future events.

Someday, I’ll be here, hopefully!

Neufreistadt Home Page – with up-to-date news on their events

(Oh, I also added a few RL Octoberfest links oh, someday..

The Official Octoberfest site in English…

The Munich tourism site…

The Wiki on Octoberfest

Octoberfest Girls Blog

IHT reporting on the opening ceremonies

and lastly, the official webcam of the 2008 Octoberfest!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a hefeweisen to indulge in ….

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