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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Poll: Has Steampunk “Jumped the Shark”?

Boxers at the ready (Chicago, 1896)

It appears that ritual verbal sparing has started again with the New York Times article on Friday, 09May08, whether Steampunk is on the uprise, plateau-ed, or on the decline. Much of the arguements regarding this are linked below (the article and an associated discussion regarding it), but as it has been a bit since I’ve posted a poll, perhaps its is time to get a feel for the general opinion of the SL Steampunk / Neo-Victorian community. What do you think?

The article link (again)…

The discussion…

(and a little bit on “jumping the shark” – I know Steampunk isn’t a TV show, but its about applying the concept to the genre)…

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