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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Poll Results… Canada’s “Steamy-est” city is….

Parliament Building, Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria, British Columbia!

The results of the poll have been posted for a bit (yes, I am a tad behind the curve, I will admit), but with forty eight votes counted, Victoria came in first with 29% of the vote.  There was a tie for third, between Montreal and Vancouver, but the odd issue was “other”, taking 2nd place.  Posted a thread about this result on the Steampunk Empire’s Steampunk Canada group, and Countess Lenora (the group moderator) theorized

“… that many people in smaller cities and towns voted and not seeing their city/town listed they simply chose “other”. That seems most logical to me. Certainly it is the larger Cities across Canada that have the biggest steampunk groups, and other than one person I have heard from out east, everyone seems to be showing up in Montreal and heading west. The largest City and population on Facebook at present is in Toronto, however, it seems the most active are Ottawa and Vancouver. The fastest group growth definitely is happening far west in Victoria and Vancouver.”

The Fairmont Empress Hotel, located in downtown Victoria
Having had the opportunity to visit Victoria (though not appreciative of things Victorian at the time), I can certainly see why could be chosen as the height of Steampunk in Canada.  Though it lacks some of the signature items other Canadian cities possess (for example, Gas Town’s Steam-clocks {in Vancouver – the You Tube link is here}), the urban density of Victorian architecture and events are outstanding!

The Buchart Gardens, Victoria, BC, by Jeffery Newcomer
From the impressive Parliment Building, to the traditional Edwardian High Tea offered at the Empress Hotel, to the recreation of an English Country Garden at the Buchart Gardens, Victoria has a panoply of offerings for those who enjoy the Steampunk (and Victorian) genres.  
Additionally, this year Victoria will host the Victorian Steam Exposition, from May 22nd to May 25th.  This event will have numerous Steampunk events, workshops, seminars, and the “Whisps of Steam” film festival. The guest of honor for the Victoria Steam Exposition will be none other than Ms. Cherie Priest, the author of the best selling Steampunk classic “Boneshaker”!  For further information on the Victoria Steam Exposition, please visit their webstie, at:  http://victoriasteamexpo.blogspot.com/
For further links to aforementioned sites…
The Parliment Buildings, Victoria BC
The Fairmont Empress, Victoria, BC
Also, the Steampunk Empires’ Steampunk Canada Group is located here… which is also associated with the official Steampunk Canada location as well!
(Ed. Note – the next poll is well on its way.. and it may prove a bit more controversial as well!)

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