post caledonian tony sinclair

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Post Caledonian – Tony Sinclair

Lets see… a party in a tent, in the middle of the artic, an old military gentleman playing water music on martini glassesas a midget turns gears that causes the entire base of the table to rotate… sounds like another Caledonian party, hosted by Mr. Tony Sinclair, Post-Victorian party cad!


Hotspur O’Toole

Non-sequitor comment, and query. Well, not totally, as it is posted on your twitter feed.

How did you actually get rid of the SLtopsites listing?

I tried for weeks to get them to stop listing Hibernia on the Skids. Like you, I found the listings less than accurate, and when I found the top site was a sort of thinly veiled “call real girls in second life” sex chat website, i decided I didn’t wish to have my site associated with them any more. A tad too tawdry, even for me.

I deleted the code but kept showing up anyway. Finally I edited the tag itself to not point towards hibernia and just filled the blanks in with gibberish. I hope someone noticed, there’s no way to email the person that runs it out of world.

Just pondering,


Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Mr. O’Toole,

Yes, I must concur, aside from a mysterious formula used to decide the rankings (blogs that I perceived much better than mine, for some reason rated much lower – go figure), the questionable number of borderline marketing sites (e.g. “Earn Free Lindens”, “Great Gridwide Goldrush”) has left me very dissapointed with the current arrangement at SL Top Sites.

I have removed the tag from my own blog, but I am still on the SL Top Sites home page, apparently unable to disassociate myself with it. I have run into the same difficulty with contacting someone from rl about removal. I suppose I shall have to endure my presence on it with a tight-lipped smile, until the website is either reorganized or becomes defunct.