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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Postcards from New Babbage – The Babbage Canal’s Tesla Generator

The Babbage Canal’s Tesla Generators provide a unique light-show, 
supplying the City-State its vital energy and illuminating the night sky.

(One project that I have considered  for quite a bit was highlighting the unique builds and constructs of New Babbage.  The City-State has many a novel and unique Steampunk landmarks, but sadly, the go by generally unrecognized or only vaguely noticed by visitors, or even worse by the residency.  I do hope that this series will draw a bit of attention to the gems of the city.)

Formal Title: Mrs. Cessadia Thetan’s Property
Owner: Mrs. Cessadia Thetan
Location: New Babbage Canals, (62, 250, 106)

This small, non-descript entrance by the New Babbage elevated trolley is the gateway to what is often considered to be an impressive sight in the City-State’s skyline.  Once one passes the era-appropriate gateway, one sees its hallmark in a warehouse just behind it….

… which is the impressive “Tesla Generators” located just behind it!  Technically, it is a magnifying transmitter, more along the lines of a Kenneth Strickfaden piece of laboratory design, but soon after the establishment of the Canals, the Tesla Generators have lit its skyline in its unique manner.

Located within the warehouse is its main drive shaft and accompanying Leiden (Leyden) jars, used to store energy for the city.  As one can see below, this unique build is certainly one of the visual archetypes of the New Babbage sklyline.

A southernly view of the Generators, as an archway to the Canals district.

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