primgraph issue 8

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Primgraph, Issue #8

The Primgraph’s issue eight, has a focus on Winterfell, but there are a number of outstanding Steampunk articles located within. Mr. Aeolus Cleanslate composed an excellent tale regarding the unexplored depths of New Babbage (page 94 – 104), the “Fall and Rise of Armada Breakaway” is documented by Baron Klaus Wulfenbach Outlander, and Frau Annachen Lowey has an informative article on dealing with the undead in the Steamlands. In addition, numerous prolific New Babbage authors, including Miss Ceejay Writer, Miss Viv Trafalgar, and Miss Kembri Tomsen, among the talented writers, contributed excellent works to issue number eight.

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Ceejay Writer

Issue #8 also marks the debut of Terry Lightfoot as our new graphics designer. Shes produced an absolutely stunning magazine for her debut effort!