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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Results of the most Steampunk Midwestern City … and the next poll!

The results for the latest poll were completed at the end of last month and Chicago was selected as the most Steampunk city in the midwest.  The Windy city garnered 35.29% of the vote (114 votes), followed by Detroit (17.96% of the vote, or 58 selections), which had a tad over half the votes Chicago obtained.  In order, the remaining selections were St. Louis (34 votes, 10.53%), Kansas City (20 votes, 6.19%), Cleveland and Minneapolis/St. Paul {Tied} (14 votes, 4.33%), Cincinnati (9 votes, 4.33%), Indianapolis and Madison / Wisconsin {Tied} (7 votes, 2.17%), and Grand Rapids / Western Michigan (4 votes, 1.24%).  Interestingly enough, Other obtained 28 votes, putting it in third place with 8.67% of the vote, so Im not quite sure if I missed a population center or if a disparate selection of locations were encompassed with this choice.  Congratulation to Chicago, as the most Steampunk Midwestern city!

Of course, this means that there is a new poll.  This one will cover the Southwestern U.S., encompassing Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and New Mexico, (I included Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada in the West Coast poll, so they will not be in this poll).   As such, if I seem to have left off a city, please do bring to my attention, and Ill attempt to resolve it as soon as possible!

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