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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Steampunk Events: Grand Opening of Novem

Miss Thelxinoe Dreamscape in a very large goblet of Absinthe at the Opening (courtesy of Miss Ezerbet Nitschke)

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend the Grand Opening of Novem, which from what I saw, was quite the success. Although I had arrived a bit later than I had hoped (RL issues), the locale was still quite busy, bordering on the verge of notable lagginess (lol)!

Mr. Tairov providing musical entertainment on the floor
I was greeted by Miss Nightfire who was dancing with her new partner, my good friend Mr. Dagger, upon my arrival, and after exchanging greetings, I headed to the main stage, where the celebrations were taking place.
Cerwain caged (courtesy – Miss Ezerbet Nitschke)
Mr. Marcus Tairov from CIB (Caledon Independent Broadcasting) was providing the musical spectacle, while other “spectacles” were taking place in the building. Zombies, fairies, and frankly, other individuals who must have escaped from parts unknown were having an enjoyable time!

The newly partnered couple enjoying a bit of quiet time in the courtyard
Outside, couples enjoyed a quieter atmosphere, away from the raucous celebrations inside. As such, I indulged an a bit of absinthe, and quietly enjoyed the evening.

Ending the evening outside, enjoying the celebrations in the fresh air

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Skusting Dagger

Sorry for the late reply. So glad you made it by. Glad to see you enjoyed yourself!