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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Steampunk Venues: Novem – a Steampunk Entertainment Establishment {pre-opening visit}

Playbill advert for the Grand Opening of Novem, on Sunday the 4th @ 2pm SLT
As much as I enjoy living in New Babbage, one of its most noticeable deficiencies is the lack of any type of entertainment venue. Rubys, in the New Babbage Canals has been the most popular meeting locale to date, but it is a bit much to impose upon only one entity to host the gatherings of an entire sim.
The establishment just behind the massive old defensive wall of Babbage
Fortunately, this weekend harkens in Noven (aka “The Muses Playhouse”), in New Babbage Palisades, a new entertainment establishment. I had the opportunity to snip in and take a few “pre-grand-opening” photos, and was extremely impressed with the work MissLily Nightfire and MissVivian Looming has put forth in developing this new gem of Babbage.
A view of the stage – not a bad seat in the house (lol)!
First, its is in Palisades, the newest portion of New Babbage, near the Great Wall, towards the Northeast corner of the sim. If you do happened to land there, it is easily visible off the main concourse. Or one can simply TP via search (for lazy individuals such as myself).
One of the many hidden corners with secrets at the Muses Playhouse
The interior design is fabulous from the Steampunk era (late 1890s), with well placed Art Nouveau touches throughout the build. The main stage is directly to the right upon entering, with tables for viewing directly in front of it.
A different angle of the stage, facing the main entrance
One aspect I find frankly enchanting is the nooks and crannies throughout Novem for example, a cozy art gallery to the left upon entering hosts a number of artistic photos by Babbages photographer extraordinaire, Mr. Skusting Dagger.
Admiring the artwork… aesthetic appreciation, of course!
Please keep in mind, this is an adult venue, so those who are not freethinkers may be taken aback by some of the more risque aspects of The Muses Playhouse, but I personally find Novem to be a missing piece of New Babbage that has finally emerged!
I found the bar – imagine that! (Guinness…mmmmmm….)

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