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Friday, October 5, 2007

Victorian Voyages: Westerns Sims, part two

Downtown Dodge City (with the bank to the right)
Dodge City 1875
I arrived in Dodge City, near its town center, dusty streets encompassed by large western-styled buildings. After reading the rp rules posted on the bank walls (not as extensive as others sims, but they do have intriguing twists, including trials and the expected hangings (lol)!), I decided to take a back alley towards the more rural areas of the build. As I approached a barn holding a bull, I noticed the borders were erected and realized that I was on one of the mainlands! A well done job for this, but my attention was quickly attracted by lone bull, daring me to ride him. I lasted about 20 seconds my first attempt, then no more than 5 seconds on my next tries.
Just before I was bucked off of this bull!
I visited a couple of additional locations, including a nicely done US fort, and a dance floor, apparently the setting of a wedding celebration. Continuing on, there were numerous shops, but only a couple of individuals engaged in rp.
The fort in Dodge City
The build is quite nice, but I will assume that I arrived at a point in which no one was engaged in activities in Dodge City. It looks like it has a smart following, and any Victorian would fit well here, but alas, I couldnt find anyone to speak to about it.
Residential area in Dodge City
Representation = 4 (A very good effort at representing a western city)
Affinity = 3 (As with most western sims Victorians with manners fit in comfortably)
Depth = 3 (The bull ride was entertaining, as was the gun range, but those activities and shopping are the extent of excitement in Dodge City [aside from RP, but, I did not see anyone to discuss this topic with])
Total = 10 (Nice sim to visit and shop once or twice, but a bit sparse after that)
———- ———- ———-
Upon arrival, there are a number of horses to choose from
AKK Horse Ranch Island
I failed to find any other western sims, and well, I do like the theory of pattern of threes (long story), so I reasoned, “What would a cowboy need, aside from a gun and a ten-gallon hat?” A horse, of course! So off to AKK Horse Ranch I went
A map of AKK for easy reference
Upon arrival, you land in the central location for equestrienne sales (e.g English horses, American Horses, Fantasy Horses, ect) although a free steed is provided to anyone who desires to explore the extensive horse trails in the sim. Although there isnt too much traffic, there are usually some individuals shopping, riding, or just learning to ride their new horse.

[One of my many disclaimers this is not an endorsement of the AKK product personally, use Miss Tombolas horse. This is sim review, not a product review I shall be happy to leave that particular comparison to another!]

For the more refined, a Steeplechase Course is on the premises
The trails are extensive, with numerous paths to become lost in (lol). The atmosphere is beautiful, although there are numerous modern accouterments scattered around the sim (e.g. a modern house with a barbecue). Regardless, there are numerous opportunities to indulge in your inner equestrian adventures here!
Beautiful riding trails snake around the entire sim
Representation = 5 (A horse ranch it portrays, and dose an excellent job of it)
Affinity – 3 (Although one will find a vast spectrum of individuals [Medieval, Victorian, Swashbucklers, Modern, ect], Victorian civility always make one welcome!)
Depth = 4 (If you enjoy riding steeds, you will find a lot of enjoyment at AKK)
Total = 12 (An enjoyable locale to ride, explore, and enjoy oneself)
Indulging in a cultured meal after a long day of riding…
———- ———- ———-
I received word on the fate of Sigil! A Mr. G. Fizz informed me that the sim passed on because “individuals were not paying rent” or so the “official story” goes. (Ty, sir!) That is too bad, as it was a very active rp (albeit a bit cloistered, as personally I never felt particularly welcome when I visited) but I have a theory on that (lol)! I did notice a large contingent of Germans in the sim, so I will attribute it to the German legend (obsession) of Karl May and the recreation of his works. [Who? Let me direct you to the following New York Times article:

(I happen have a very good German friend who maintains over 25 volumes of his work and two (very “hokey” by my colonial standards) films of his first two books! It would be my scalp if I denigrated the blatant stereotypes of his writings (e.g. the noble savage, the “soiled dove”, the square-jawed law-man, ect))

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