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Monday, September 29, 2008

Rivet Town: First Annual Inventor’s Expo in October

Spoke with Mr. Harper Weezles a few days ago, and he provided me with a unique contest that will be taking place in Rivet Town in mid October, and should attract a good body of Steampunk inventors and designers. The First Annual Inventor’s Expo information is as follows…

Greetings Inventors, Builders, and fans of the Steam Age!

On October 18th and 19th, Rivet Town will be hosting the first annual Inventor’s Expo. We would like to showcase the best and brightest inventions and inventors of this wonderful thing we call Steampunk! We will showcase nine (9) categories of items and give accolades to the one person who has brought the spirit of invention and creativity to Second Life!

Below are the categories, and we need your nominations to gather the items that need attention. You can nominate your invention or someone else’s. Nominees will be presented at the Expo, and a winner will be chosen from each category by popular vote. The winners will be displayed in the Rivet Town patent office, and will be available for purchase there at no cost to the inventor. This is a wonderful way to gain some recognition for the wonderful work that you (or your favorite builder) does. All entries must fall into one of the following categories – Steampunk, Post Apocalypse, Retro Futurism, Victorian Invention, or Historical Fantasy. Definitions of these generes are subject to review by the Expo Staff.

So give us your nominations and rally support for your favorites! The top nominees will be displayed on October 18th and 19th, and the winners will be announced at the closing ceremony on the 19th.

Please list no more than two entries for each category. Creators of qualified nominees will be contacted with information on displaying their items.

The Categories are…

Best Scripted

Best Textured

Best Vechicle

Best Clothing or Accessory

Best Gadget

Best Building

Best Freebie

Best Weapon

Best item that fits into no other category, but cannot be left out

Steam Gentlemen/Lady of the year!
[Person that best promotes the Steampunk way]

To nominate an item (or person, in case of the 10th category), please complete and send a notecard to Mr. Harper Weezles.

Additional information can be found in Rivet Town. Also, check back, as the current accepted nominees will be posted at the train station (and in the Heliograph – ed note).

To visit the Rivet Town Train Station for more infomation, updates on the participants, and obtain a notecard to cast your ballot, please visit:


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