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Sunday, July 26, 2009

RL Steampunk: Amazon Steampunk Community

A “Steampunk” computer console (from “geekology.com”)
With small visitors nipping at my heels, I’m afraid that today’s post will be a bit brief. One locale that I visit for ideas, research, and leads for other Steampunk work is Amazon’s Steampunk community. Aside from their Orwellian Kindle episode (another reason why “old fashion” books are a better option for a library than their “new fangled” gadget), they do provide a clearing house for new works related to the genre, be it books, graphic novels (what used to be called “comics”), software, goggles, or what not.
If you happen to have a good bit of time to spend, I might recommend a visit to the “Amazon Steampunk Community”, at:

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