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Saturday, August 9, 2008

RL Steampunk: Growing exposure to the genre in RL design…

“Siddhartha Pod-Looking Up Towards Top Deck” by Art Donovan.

As I continue to “Steampunk-ise” my small corner of my abode, I find inspiration from numerous sources along the ethernet. This weekend is one example of said inspiration – the Hamptons Antiques Galleries is putting Steampunk works of art on display for the public, with items from numerous well-know Steampunk designers such as Art Donovan and Jake Von Slatt, among others. To read more, please turn to:


And of course, for a full treatment of RL Steampunk Interiors, the Steampunk Home is the Alpha and Omega for this effort, located at:


[Oh, and a small glimpse at my works in progress…

These are Ikea “Ivar” doors that will eventually grace a bookshelf complex in the works…

… and this is a brass gem of a lamp my better half found at a yard sale for $12 – oustanding! More details as the work progresses]

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