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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RL Steampunk: Modofly (and a bit more…)

“The Mechanism”, available at Modofly

One of our New Babbagians, Miss Chelsea Main, asked if I would be favorable to posting her request for her unique organization, so I will use her words, so not as to misspeak…


Modofly is hosting a call for submissions for Steampunk themed art. We are an artist collaborative who modifies Moleskine sketchbooks with laser etched artwork. We invite you to visit our blog for detailed instructions, and our website to see what we’re all about. If you could also post our Call for Submisions on your blog(s), or know any other artists who would be interested in either submitting or posting, please forward our info along, and help spread the word!

Blog: http://www.modofly-blog.net/?p=39

Web: http://modofly.net

If you happen to post the information on a site, please send a link back to me!

Thank you!

The site is quite impressive, as one can see from the graphic above, and is certainly worth a visit. If one wishes to learn more about RL Handmade books, I might also suggest a visit to the Handmade Books Community, which has plenty of insight regarding this topic, which is at:


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