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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RL Steampunk: The Steampunk Review on YouTube

Episode 4 – Parasols

Located an inters ting series of You Tube videos regarding a growing variety of topics in RL Steampunk. A Miss Yankee999 has started providing reviews of a growing number of genre-related areas, some that are not essentially the standard fare from what has been commonly seen in the general Steampunk circles, with a focus leaning more towards RL Steampunk attire.

Episode 3 – Dracinthebox.com and Serpentine (Perfume Vendors)

She provides a series of reviews and opinions, interspersed with images to accompany her narrative of the topic at hand. Do be warned, she moves at a “break-neck” speed, so there is no lolly-gagging while watch her works. Specifically, the topics to date are:

Episode 1 – A review of the movie “Cthulhu

Episode 2 – A review of Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs

Episode 3 – A review of Dracinthebox.com and Gallery Serpentine

Episode 4 – A review of Parasols

Episode 2 – Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs

The good Miss Yankee999 has been a tad busy of late, but with a bit of luck, we shall see more of her unique and concise reviews in the future! I shall post them here as I become aware of the, but her work is easily found on YouTube, in case on is game on seeing her newest works as they become available!

Episode 1 – The movie Cthulhu

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Breezy Carver

Dear Dr Fabre .. These are wonderful!!! You certainly have not lost your touch Sir ,as You are Still the all time Master indeed of the great Finds Sir !!
Victoria is charming and delightful and I sat here listening watching .. snickering to each one of her brilliant notations !!!

Cant wait for more !!!
Thank YOU again Sir !!
Well done as always
Miss Carver
(warm smile)