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Sunday, June 29, 2008

RL Steampunk: SteamTeam

The Steam Team’s logo and header

Steamteam is a very interesting website that promotes RL Steampunk artisans and their unique wares. They tend to be from the Esty website, wihch if one visits, is chock full of artists and their Steampunk creations.

Cog necklace by Zkitten (the rust is a nice touch – lol!)

The website contains interviews with the designers, seeking to divine their muses and inspirations about the art of Steampunk (and their work, of course)! A listing of other Esty designers, along with thumbnails of some of their works are also visible on the site.
To pay the site a visit, please turn your browser to:


What appears to be a handcrafted door latch by a Mr. Zygote. Very nice detail work on the metal working.

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