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Sunday, July 5, 2009

SL Steampunk: The New Babbage Universal Exhibition

Received a small notecard that needed a bit more notice to any interested parties, regarding the New Babbage Universal Exposition. I volunteered to forward the text, which is as follows…

The 2009 RFL Campsite will be loosely based on the idea of a World’s Fair (or Exposition Universalle), specifically the 1889 Exposition held in Paris, from May 6th to October 31st, 1889. This was where the Eiffel Tower was officially introduced, and nations from around the world participated. A note: this is all for inspiration, not reproductions. We should put a Babbage spin on everything – dirtier, steamier, with more floating and spinning things.

For more information, please see:
and some links to more inspirational images, at…

The build team will primarily responsible for the display structures and grounds, along with two significant commemorative structures – the tower and the sphere. We will then invite Babbagers and representatives from other steamlands to contribute their own pieces – artwork, machines, fashion, ect… – and vendors to go along with them. The non-Babbage folks are welcome to design their own pavilions, or simply designate a few representative folks to contribute objects for display.

Build List
* Globe Celeste (a steampunk version of the 1949 Unisphere) – 2oo prims
* Central Tower (or arch, or clocktower) – 200 prims
* Machinery Hall (for mechanical vehicles, ect…) 150 prims
* Gran Palais (for objects of beauty and function – art, fashion, collectibles) 200 prims
* Petit Palais (for art and fashion) 200 prims
* Steamlands Pavilion (x4) 150 prims each
These will be optional – if a builder can be sent, we’ll be happy to have them. If not, we’ll
just landscape or put in a gazebo.
* Grounds, path, foilage – 200 prims
The remainder of the 2500 prims will be reserved for displays and objects.

Right now, we have the following contributors…
Dr. Obolensky – Tower
Miss Capalini – Unisphere
Mr. Cleanslate – Machinery Hall
Mr. Pearse – Grand Palais

If you are interested in helping with the build list, please email me at (I can invite you to the RFL Ning at ). The campsites open July 16th, but we should be able to load in several days before then. Between now and then, let me know if you might need build space.

Thanks, everybody!
– A. Cleanslate

That is the edited body of the narrative. If one happens to be interested in assisting, please do contact Mr. Cleanslate at the address above, or via the New Babbage Ning.

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