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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue: Paris 1900 and Liberta

At the entrance of the new Paris 1900

While searching for an appropriate locale for an evenings entertainment, I happened upon a photo of an Eiffel Tower, very similar to the one originally located in Paris 1900, a much admired sim due to its turn of the century representation of Paris. I wasnt familiar with the sim in question, but decided to pop in to see if there might be any possibility of, say, a nice jazz establishment. Much to my surprise, I ended up at Paris 1900!

Arriving at the Metro, in the stylish “Art Nouveau” entrance

The interior of the Moulin Rouge – a giantic dance hall, one of the biggest I have seen

The view of the Moulin Rouge, the entrance to the subway, and a quick look at the location verified that I was indeed in Paris 1900. However, it was rebranded as part of a larger collection of sims, thirty to be exact, titled Liberta. Liberta, from what Ive seen in their very well done blog (the English translation at – ), is a multi-faceted, French-focused area, with a large amount of classic and new builds located there.

The Museum of Paris, just across from the Moulin Rouge

Seeing the works on display

Though there a many twists and turns to take while exploring Liberta, two sims would be of specific interest to the readers of this blog, the aforementioned Paris 1900, and Paris Eiffel, the sim housing their well built tower. The bulk of the sim is more along the lines of a modern Paris, but classic architecture is melded into the city quite well.

Paying a visit to “Le Cafe des Artists”

Paris 1900 is practically identical to the original Paris 1900, with the exception of flight, which is enabled in this rendition of the sim. The Moulin Rouge, the (elephant), the gigantic dance hall all hallmarks of the original Paris 1900.

The landmark boards, well done, and highlight the points of interst in Liberta

A peek down the Champs Elysee – much less traffic than in RL (lol)!

To travel from one sim to another, one can simply TP, use the banners at major locales which provide a LM, or perhaps most enjoyable use the Public Transportation The Metro, or in my case, LAutobus. The bus is on a 40 second schedule, and will take one to the major tourist locales in Liberta.

The base of the Eiffel Tower – excellent for av and noob watching

I decided to travel to the ultimate Parsian landmark, the Eiffel Tower. The old tower was divided into four sims, and was bit of a challenge to navigate up it. The new Eiffel Tower is on the border of two sims, and using sculpties has allowed for a better representation of it. Additionally, there is relaxation area at its base, which is excellent for the tradition of people/avatar/noob watching.

The “Voyages Extraoridnaires”, a Steampunk emporium – easily found by the Dali-esque elephant (right in the photo)

Inside, by its “Lightning Generator” [‘sic] on the second floor

Perhaps even more encouraging is the outstanding Steampunk store just across the street from, Voyages Extraordinares. Aside from its outstanding appearance, both inside and out, the Voyages had a cacophony of Steampunk build and items most certainly worth a visit!

Watching the solar system on the roof of “Voyages Extraordinaires”

Do be aware, that there are about two or three sims that fall into the Neo-Victorian/Steampunk genre, but there are plenty of other buildings from the era/genre interspersed throughout the build (including a representation of the Statue of Liberty along the waterfront (just as in RL). The rest of the sims are modern, but absolutely worth visiting.

Classic construction is replete througout the 30 sims of Liberta

For further information about the new Paris 1900, and Liberta in general, please visit the blog at:

Lady Liberty at a reduced scale – just as in RL!


Breezy Carver

What a wonderful description of these Sims and locations makes one just want to log on and visit right in the moment Dr Fabre .. Well done Sir ! thank YOU 🙂 !


Thank you very much for your article and visit our region, you are welcome and soon new construction will realistically soon! which the region Paris art
Best regards ! and welcome in Liberta !