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Friday, January 1, 2010

Steampunk Architecture: Original blueprints of the Eiffel Tower

“Upper Ensemble” of the Eiffel Tower
Per my astute friend, the Steampunk Librarian, the original blueprints of the Eiffel Tower are on display at the Eiffel Tower’s website.  Perhaps one of the iconic RL examples of what is now Steampunk, the original plans are an impressive bit of work.  Originally designed for the Exposition Universelle of 1889, the complex landmark still inspires awe in all who have been fortunate enough to visit it.  The plans of its design, from the book, “The 300 Meter Tower”, are a marvel in itself.

“Lifts, Reservoirs, and Pipes” of the tower

To see the complete set of sixteen (16) images, please turn to:

Do take a moment to visit the main portion of the Eiffel Tower’s website, which has a challenging web-cam of the tower (it is a bit quirky, but not bad), or the 3-D version of the Tower (requiring a plug-in), at:

And finally, the superlative postings at the Steampunk Librarian:

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