Steampunk Masterworks: Mr. V. Voitekhovitch

There are many exceptional artists who produce amazing artistic works, set on display at Deviant Art.  However, on occasion one finds work that is frankly astounding, that word has to be passed on its exquisite quality.  One such artist is Mr. Vadim Voitekhovitch (who also uses the DA nom-de-plum of “~voitv”), and his beautiful collection of Steampunk themed works!
 Mr. Voitekhovitch has two unique aspects that stand out in my mind (or shall I say view)?  First, many modern Steampunk artworks tend to use modern forms (e.g. photography, artistic software, etc…) to provide illustrations regarding the genre, which is quite understandable, given that Steampunk is a speculative fiction needing unique perspectives to represent it.  However, Mr. Voitekhovitch uses oils, which aside from providing a genre-accurate style, it also provides a warmth and simpleness to his many complex works.


Additionally, while one easily sees the direct and indirect hallmarks of Steampunk (e.g. the direct being the vehicles and technology, especially his airships, while the indirect being the “aging” of his vehicles), a good number of works focus on the less obvious topics in the work, such as the posted piece, High Society News, showing two ladies in discourse, while airships and four-wheeled vehicles pass by, noticed, but un-noticed aspects of daily life… in a Steampunk world. But enough of my pseudo-artistic prattling! To see more of his outstanding work, please do visit his Deviant Art page, located at: … or his own webpage, and specifically his Steampunk gallery, (in German, mind you), located at: .