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Monday, August 11, 2008

Breaking News: New Babbage Wheatstone… and a pair of RL pics of projects

As earlier reported in the New Babbage Ning, the new expansion to New Babbage has arrived. Wheatstone Waterways has emerged (yes, the map is different – but incorrect… I’m *sure* the Lindens will fix their mistake quickly), and will be terraformed in short order.

It isn’t “officially” opened yet, but will be so within a few days – not sure if the sim has been completely sold out, but I did hear property has been going quite quickly!

[ed note: per the Ning (and Wiki)…

For the record, it’s supposed to be ‘Wheatstone Waterways’, not ‘Wheatsone Waterways,’Sir Charles Wheatstone, FRS (February 6, 1802 – October 19, 1875), was a British scientist and inventor of many scientific breakthroughs of the Victorian era, including the English concertina, the stereoscope (a device for displaying three-dimensional images), and the Playfair cipher (an encryption technique). However, Wheatstone is best known for his contributions in the development of the Wheatstone bridge, originally invented by Samuel Hunter Christie, which is used to measure an unknown electrical resistance, and as a major figure in the development of telegraphy.

cour. Miss Commons]

During a discussion regarding my RL with a long time resident friend, I mentioned that I was working to make my small corner of my abode habitable. This being said, I was asked for photos, so Miss E., here they are…

Working towards a “Nautical Steampunk” look, I have managed (with direction from the other 1/2) on ways to reach this particular goal.

The set shown is actually an Ikea “Ivar” shelving system, stained black (with two coats of polyurethane), and scroll work (painted with black, then outlined with a copper paint pen) for the designs.

Not quite staged (noted by the router and phone), but when it is completed, I’ll post better photos.

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