seattle is indeed unofficial capitol of

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seattle is indeed the “unofficial” capitol of Steampunk!

About time I caught up with the results of the Seattle poll… back in December, I had proposed the simple question based on an article from a local Seattle paper, which proclaimed Seattle as the “unofficial” capital of Steampunk.  Wasn’t quite sure about the results, as though Seattle has been a bit of an incubator for the genre, there are also other cities which could justifiably vie for said title, such as London, New York, New Orleans, only to mention a few.  The voting was interesting, as there was an impressive “pro-Seattle” surge at the poll’s beginning, but I felt that if there was some kind of… motivated voting, the length of this (unscientific) poll would be normative in its ultimate results.
The results as chosen by the readership was… it is in fact the “unofficial” capital of Steampunk.  However, differential was actually smaller than I had originally thought it would be – of 142 votes, 77 (54%) agreed with the statement, and 65 (45%) disagreed with the statement.  As Guillaume commented (on this particular article), with an impassioned view of Steampunk world appeal, of which I also agree.  Though Seattle has become a Mecca for the genre (to include SteamCon), I’ve also noticed an explosion of East Coast conventions (e.g. the Steampunk Worlds Fair, Anachrocon 2011… a peek at the Steampunk Empire’s events listing can provide a cacophony of listings)!  Perhaps as Steampunk becomes more recognized, it will spawn more and larger events to indulge in!  Regardless, congratulations to Seattle, Steampunk’s “unofficial” captial!

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Fogwoman Gray

What I am finding fascinating is the number of my friends who are moving from other places around the Western US to the Seattle area. While jobs are certainly a motivating factor, I suspect being physically closer to others who share the aesthetic and interest also plays a factor. My husband and I will be joining the diaspora this summer ourselves, and are very excited to be relocating to a place full of such wonderful energy and people so dear to our hearts.
I would also say that for us this is a direct result (as is our marriage) of our participation in the Steampunk communities of Second Life, which to us is Real life too – just a slightly different zip code 🙂