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Monday, July 28, 2008

SL Neo-Victorian Establishments: The Pearl, a Victorian Gentlemen’s Club

Did a bit of morning surfing of the ethernet, and must admit that when I arrived at the SL Hearld, I was supised to see a piece done on the the Pearl Club, a well established Victorian Gentlemen’s venue. The article, to my understanding, was a bit of an inside joke between the ladies at the Pearl and the mermaids who frequent Antiquity, so I must admit I was a perplexed with the work. {The article is at: }

However, the Pearl Club does maintain a blog, recently started, that narrates the events and happenings of the club. Do understand that it is a brothel, so some of the subject matter is adult in nature – if this particular type of material does offend you, then one might not wish to visit the site. That being said, there is nothing lavacious, either written or graphic, about the site. The ladies take the opportunity to describe their Victorian backgrounds, the going-ons at the locale, and do provide insight into a unique aspect of SL Neo-Victoriana and, by extension, Steampunk.

To visit their website, Pearl Strings, please turn your browser to:


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle

Interesting. I had been under the impression that The Pearl closed some time ago.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Hadn’t heard much about it in quite a long time (since early 2007), but apparently the business is doing well.