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Sunday, July 20, 2008

SL & RL Steampunk: Openings, acknowledgements, and Steampunk land expansion…

Pouvez vous avoir un jour d’interdard” (“May you have an interesting day” more or less…) Well, its been a couple of interesting days in SL for myself, and felt I needed to bring a few things up to speed, beginning with the grand opening ball for the Primgraph! As the Steampunk and Neo-Victorian societies grow dramatically in SL, Prim Perfect saw fit to design a vehicle to focus on this aspect of our world. (Ah, and as a further note, I did write a small piece for it, so I do have a bit of vested interest in seeing it – and taking any criticisms for it, both good and bad!)

This being said, a celebratory ball will be held on Wednesday, in Caledon Penzance (at the Gaiety Theater), from 2 to 5 pm (SLT), where vendors and initial editions will be provided (as well as a busy party, knowing the Caledonians (/me rolls eyes and grins)!))

Also, the Connolly Telegraph has been reworked as a flagship for the Primgraph, so it will be back in operation – do pay it a visit! (Please turn to:

Received kudos and and acknowledgements from one of my favorite websites, the Steampunk Librarian. Quite an honor, as her blog is one of the most comprehensive Steampunk blogs around – unfortunately she does not the accolades she deserves! If you wish to visit her endeavor (and do so frequently, as she often scoops me *grimace* – lol!), please turn to:

And finally, amazing growth in the SL Steampunk realm during the past few months is simply leaving me agog! For example…

1) New Babbage is adding two new sims (Brunel Heights, and the “Mystery Titled” expansion to the Canals). The Mystery Titled is almost at 60% full, and along with the Academy of Industry, it makes a total of four sims added to New Babbage this year…

2) Steeltopia is exploding (Steeltopia Obsidian Bay just opened, Steeltopia Anchorage (a future residential sim), and Steeltopia Atlantis (an underwater sim)). Additionally, an “Entertainment Department” has been added, with a playbill at the Coal Power Plant, the Maritime Stage (in the Harbor District) and more locations to be added in Obsidian Bay (TBA). More on times and locations to follow, but I was encouraged to hear that Miss Diamanda is one of the scheduled DJs destined to become a regular (Thursdays, from 7 to 9 SLT).

3) Laputa has undergone numerous upgrades, with the addition of new (and unique) Steampunk vendors, and minor upgrades, but more on this in a future article…

*** As a last issue, I’m essentially giving away my spot outside the New Babbage Palisaide (yes, giving away, as in “Free”). If you are interested in a 2048 sized plot in the New Babbage Palisaide, please contact me here, on the Ning, or in-world, if you are interested in this offer.***


Baron K. Wulfenbach

Herr Doktor,

I missed seeing you during my time at the Relay For Life this past weekend. I would have liked you to have seen the representation of the Castle Wulfenbach built at Steelhead.

Speaking of which, and expansions, there is Steelhead Port Harbor upcoming in the next few months. I believe it will be placed east of Harborside. An openspace for the private use of the Managers will be next after that, as I remember.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

Dr. Rafael Fabre

I saw a photo of the Castle Wulfenbach after the fact, and must admit, I am poorer for missing it! I will be looking forward to Steelhead Port Harbor upon its arrival – thank you for the headsup regarding it.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

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