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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Space 1889 & Beyond (Series Two) – Conspiracy of Silence

After a long (and anticipated) wait, the newest works from Mr. Andy Frankham-Allen & Mr. Frank Chadwick will be soon released!  The first installation of the second series of Space 1889 & Beyond, titled Conspiracy of Silence, will be available in short-order (mid-August) at Untreed  
The upcoming monthly installations in the series include…
1) Conspiracy of Silence, by Mr. Andy Frankham-Allen and Mr. Frank Chadwick
2) To Ceres by Steam, by Mr. Paul Ebbs
3) Leviathans of the Clouds, by Mr. Steven Savile and Mr. David Parish-Whittaker
4) The Forever Journey, by Mr. Michael J. Peters
5) A Fistful of Dust, by Ms. Sharon Bidwell
6) and a sixth title, to be announced 
Until then, if one needs to complete any gaps in the previous episodes of Professor Nathinel Stone and Miss Annabelle Somerset, please to take a trip to the outstanding Space 1889 & Beyond vault, located here!

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