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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Space 1889: Planetenprojekt: Mars!

Bit on the run this evening with RL chores, but I did wish to post this quite novel view of Space: 1889’s Mars!  From what I can tell, its based loosely on Google Earth, or as the (internet) translation narrative states…
Space1889 is a Steampunk-Rollenspiel which in a fictional, Victorian era of the earth plays. With the help of steam-powered Spaceships while landing earthly explorers the ether and populated the Mars, Venus, and mercury. Our fan project would, under the auspices of DereGlobus, the populated planet as interactive atlases in Google Earth.”

Quite a good work, even if one can look past the the questionable German-to-English translation (that would be my fault).  For more Space: 1889 goodness, please consider a visit to Saturday edition of the Steampunk Tribune, with much more regarding its magnificent background, at:

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