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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue: Steelhead Shanghai

Steelhead Shanghai’s docks at night
Fighting off the RL weather as a healthy storm passes by, I did want to make mention of Steelhead’s newest addition, Steelhead Shanghai. As I am a bit late the reporting of this impressive build by Mr. Lunar Eclipse, I would like to point towards others who have provided quite good reviews on Shanhai, starting with the builder himeself, Mr. Eclipse’s blog, with a conceptual overview of it, at:
followed by his interview by Orange Island, at:
a very well done review by in an outstanding new blog, Virtual Mitote, by Miss Koshari Mahana, the owner of Four Winds and Four Directions (an exquisite builder of commercial and private edifices), at:
also, Miss Eladrienne Laval’s “A Stroll Through Caledon”, taking her to Steelhead Shanghai, at:
additionally, New Babbage’s own Miss Breezy Carver presents an extensive visit to Steelhead Shanhai, at:
Do pay a visit to the blogs and to Steelhead’s new gem!

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