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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Departures, Arrivals, and a “Thank you”!

The outside facade of the Willow Teahouse – an accurate and beautiful rendition of RL Steampunk genre architecture

The past few months have seen an impressive amount of changes, with new additions and losses in the SL Steampunk world, and as the Heliograph has hit its milestone, I felt I should mention a few


Three notable losses to the SL Steampunk community, though it seems as if only one has been recognized. The Vernian Sea light was disassembled after Kandace Commons departure from New Babbage, which caused a bit of consternation to some, but perhaps a greater loss took place and went seemingly unnoticed in New Babbage. The Willow Tea House, which used to be located in the Northwestern corner of Port Babbage has gone the way of the wind, which is perhaps a greater loss to New Babbage, in a purer Steampunk sense, as it encompased a new artistic movement in design in RL, eventually leading to the well known Art Deco movement.

Miss Echegray taking moment to relax from her busy building effort

The owner of the build, a Miss E. Echegray, had built the Willow based on the forward thinking architecture of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Her attention to detail and efforts to recreate his work was impressive, and the changes to the her garden only added to the charm of the build. However, it is now gone, a sad and unappreciated loss to New Babbage. For reference to the original article I wrote earlier this year, please visit…

Aero view of Laputa, in happier days

Continuing with discouraging losses, it appears the Steampunk sim of Laputa has fallen off the grid. A unique sim which existed on a floating (as in “floating in the sky”), seems to have passed away with minimal recognition. The builder was quite talented, but unfortunately the “Sky City” is no longer, except in photos


Rivet Town, an up and coming Steampunk sim, with an emphasis on Steampunk Role Play

First and foremost, is the new Steampunk sim of Rivet Town. Miss Grace Loudon has not only built a visually stunning sim, but has been quite pro-active in managing its vivid role playing environment. The sims encompasses various aspects of the Steampunk era, including a wealthy section (the Eastern portion), a down trodden section (the Northern section), and with the Inventors Exposition taking place next weekend, it appears that Rivet Town has a very bright and steamy future (ok, terrible pun my apologies)! To keep up with events in Rivet Town, you should join their in-world group, but do visit their off-world site, Steam Patent!

The docks of the North End of Rivet Town

As I discovered in Mr. OTooles smart blog today, (Hibernia on the Skids), he broke the news that Steelhead Port Harbor will be the newest Steelhead sim to emerge in SL with an emphasis on skyships, including a skyport sounds like a regular Steampunk Casablanca! I am most certainly looking forward to the Port Harbors grand opening! More on this at Hibernia on the Skids

[Ed Note: Duke Edward Pearse made mention (in the comments – tyvm, sir) of an in-depth link to Mr. Eclipse’s blog, with further information about this upcoming Steampunk locale, at:

A beautiful evening at Piermont Landing, during the Engineer’s Ball

Another event of note is the opening of Piermont Landing in Wheatstone Waterways, in New Babbage. Mr. Skusting Dagger and his lovely partner, Miss Breezy Carver have made a point of holding monthly balls and dances in New Babbage a circumstance severely lacking in the City-State up to now. The Engineers Ball was a smashing success, and the Masquerade Ball (scheduled to take place this weekend), should be at least as well, if not better attended!

In closing

The Heliographs success rests squarely on the shoulders (and mouse buttons) of the visitors to this blog, so I wanted to give a “Thank you” to all who spend a few moments of their busy day stopping by this small corner of the internet.



Bamika Easterman

This is such a thoughtful, contemplative post. I think this is what blogs do best: Recording what has been and documenting what is. Congratulations on a great post.

Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle

I would suggest better information on Steelhead Port Harbour could be taken from the horse’s mouth (so to speak).