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Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Dr. Who MMORG to be deisgned by Three Rings (the company with the amazing Nemo-Submersible office)

What a proper meeting room should look like (more or less)…
Heard about a new Dr. Who MMORG which the BBC will be working with a company named Three Rings will begin work later this year (projected, at least).  I can’t say I am exceptionally knowledgeable about the Dr. Who genre, but the name of the company did ring a bell.  In fact, they received quite a bit of press a few years ago with their innovative Nautical Steampunk offices in San Francisco!
A screened photo of their glass wall divider (love the tentacles on the left!)

I will keep the debate on canon regarding the Dr. Who discussion to the appropriate boards and websites… however, I’ll certainly take the opportunity to post a few more photos of this amazing business establishment’s decor!  For more reviews and updates on their locale (which still remains the same), please visit…

Their plaque, commemorating their company (in brass, of course)!

…. and for the Dr. Who enthiasts who visit the SPT, here are a few locations of interest regarding the upcoming MMORG….

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