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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Victorian Silhouettes of Science Fiction Individuals….

Number 6, in Silhouette

IO9 has a plethora of unique and interesting articles… many of which have a longitudinal relationship to Steampunk.  A few days ago, one of those articles snuck up on its board – one involving Victorian Silhouettes and Science Fiction characters.  As most likely know, Silhouette Art was a popular means of image representation (yes, in the proverbial silhouette), of the Steampunk era, with exceptionally complex representations developing over time.

However, a Mr. O. Moss recently decided to engage in a project – composing silhouettes of famous (or at least well known) science fiction characters.  At first, as scrolled though the brief selection in the IO9 piece, I was amused, but after visiting the gentleman’s website, where he has an impressive selection of his work, I was enraptured with either identifying those I liked, or simply trying to identify those which were challenging!

Bender, in Silhouette
An impressive body of work, and do take a moment to indulge in the video about Mr. Moss’ show in Los Angeles came about.  Unfortunately, the show was last Friday (20 May 11), but his many pieces are on his blog for your enjoyment!

Sideshow Bob, in Silhouette

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