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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spectacular Moments of Wonder, with Dr. Monocle!

As those who follow this small corner of the Steampunk aethernet, I am always one to spread the word about intriguing new Steampunk websites… and I do have yet another!  I was contacted by Dr. Monocle the other day, and am most certainly impressed with the depth his website has concerning Steampunk (with a good dose of Dieselpunk).  I spent a good part of an evening, enjoying the good Doctor’s website, (and nursing my bit of Kraken rum, tyvm), amazed at amount of Steampunk/Dieselpunk art that I cannot recall seeing before.
Additionally, Dr. Monocle has documented his adventures in his latest work, the “Spectacular Moments of Wonder with Dr. Monocle”.  I had the opportunity to read samplings from selected writing (linked just underneath his banner), and must say they are quite enjoyable!  Not only that, but they are available in a vast selection of platforms (Kindle, Nook, Google eBooks, Android, and many more).  So, do take a moment to visit the Doctor’s website, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy!  To do a good bit of surfing, please take a moment and head to his website, at: http://doctormonocle.com/
… and to learn more about his writing endeavor, please visit the aforementioned sampler, at:http://doctormonocle.com/post/3579284678/chapter-sampling-01-000

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