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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Steam Clocks – RL and SL

The aforementioned video is of the famous Gastown Steam Clock, located in the beautiful Gastown district of Vancouver, British Columbia. Had the opportunity to visit it a while back, and still remain amazed with its operation.

As the travel tidbit from Wcities (essentially Yahoo Travel) states:

On a street corner of this Victorian-era warehouse district stands the world’s first steam clock, and probably the city’s most photographed attraction. The timepiece plays the Westminster Chimes every hour and whistles every 15 minutes with a gush of steam. Despite its gothic style, it’s not as old as it looks. Famed inventor and horologist Ray Saunders built the clock in 1977 to muffle steam from underground lines.

I have a smaller (and quite low prim) version on my plot in the Palisaides. It does generate steam, and chimes at the top and the bottom of the hour, but not nearly as musical as the RL version. Perhaps in the future I will find a newer clock to alleviate that, but for now, the current time piece is quite nice!

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