steam hunt begins tomorrow

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Steam, the Hunt, begins tomorrow!

The Steam Hunt for 2011 will begin tomorrow, and last the entire month of March!  For those not involved in SL, hunts in Second Life are endeavors in which a group of merchants band together and provide special items for participating individuals (and ideally the individuals will find something of their liking at said stores).  Some enjoy items that are outstanding (and free), others enjoy the hunt, yet others simply with to involve themselves a bit more with SL Steampunk!

An example of a Steam Hunt treasure!
Regardless of one’s motivation, there are plenty of established stores, and a number of new Steampunk stores on this year’s hunt, so if one has a penchant for seeing a wider variety of SL Steampunk items and designers, do take a moment (or a bit longer) to indulge in this year’s hunt!
Ladies’ attire from the Steam Hunt – the “Victorian Spy”,
by Snowpaws
To keep up to date with the goings on with the Steam Hunt, do pay a visit to their main page, located at:, or pay a visit to Virtually Classic Fashions, where Miss Carver provides a more in-depth review of selected items from the hunt, at:

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