steampunk artistic inspiration 7

Friday, January 4, 2013

Steampunk Artistic Inspiration #7: Steampunk Aircaptain Dress

Changing tack on inspiration, I came across this extraordinary work of design for an adventuresome Steampunk airship captain!  Mind you, there is a bit more material involved with this work than as what some other works have portrayed a lady airship captain might don, but I would say the design and appearance is most certainly fitting.  I’ll leave the knowledge of the nuances of design to those who possess more knowledge of the sort (specifically not myself), but an excellent work indeed!  For more examples of Ms. M. Meli’s incredible talent, please do visit her Deviant Art site, located at: , or one can consider a visit to her online store, located at:


Laura Morrigan

How beautiful! I love Mademoiselle Melis clothing! She is very talented! Im a big fan!


Dear Ms. Morrigan,
I quite concur – I was impressed at her works on DA, the pleasantly surprised regarding the fact she has an entrepreneurial endeavor to forward her creations!
Dr. R. Fabre


Oh wow… this is awesome. Just for fun I searched my name in google seach and now I find ths. Thank you so much for the kind support and for the honoring words <3

Méli aka MADmoiselle Méli