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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Steampunk Attire: Steampunk costumes to go main stream this year!

The “Mad Scientist” costume
Received a kind email from Mr. M. Mayor, the editor of, first brought attention to the story that not only has “Steampunk” been growing as a popular selection in the costume industry, but this year a good number of commercial costume companies (such as Walmart)!  From “Toppers” and Coachmen hats, to goggles (!) and even full Steampunk costumes will be available this year for adults and children.  Some may dislike the “commercialism of costuming” the genre, but personally, I’m quite encouraged by it, as it not only provides a introduction of Steampunk many who may have liked it but didn’t quite know it, and also provides an introduction of the genre to a younger generation (you can’t start early enough to teach your children to love steam)!
The “Victorian Widow Maker” costume
Seriously though, having Steampunk costumes and accessories readily available (depending on supply, of course), can potentially be a boon to growing interest in the genre.  I have included the link Mr. Mayor provided, but be aware that the goggles are already sold out at (more on order, I would imagine).  Do take a gander at what may be coming to a store near you!  Also, do pay a visit – it is replet with even more Steampunk articles!  (A “Tip of the Bowler” to Mr. Mayor for this lead!)
The Steampunk Costume store is at:
The Steampunk section of Costume Craze, is at:
And is it’s own link!

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