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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Steampunk Chicago’s Carnivale Delirum – this Friday!

A bit ago, Mr. Vourteque about an upcoming event in the Chicago area – the Carnivale Delirum.  He explained that the Carnivale will be a massive Steampunk circus side-show event, including such luminaries as the Squidling Brother, the Show Devils, Haylay Jane, and many more.

Additionally, I was forwarded a peek in their laboratory (as seen above), where they have completed the final calibrations on the “Fusion-O-Scope”, a fully functional Steampunk DJ rig!  I did have the fortune to an audio peek at the musical selections for the event as well – and it seems that in addition to many standard selections in the Steampunk genre, there are a few surprises as well, so I would contend this bodes well for the entertainment.

Alas, the event is a tad further than I’ll be able to travel (so I won’t be able to report at the event), but it looks like it will be a cracking event, and I would whole-heartedly suggest that if one has the opportunity, that a visit is in order!  For more information regarding Carnivale Delirum, please visit Steampunk Chicago,

(Note – There currently appears to be a database error with the Steampunk Chicago website, but it should be addressed quite soon – do check back!)


The Lord Baron Joseph C.R. Vourteque IV

Thanks for the coverage! The show as a SMASH success! Hopefully you can make it next year!

-Joseph C.R. Vourteque IV


Glad to hear – please do forward news on any future events, sir!