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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Steampunk Communication: Re-worked Mobile Phones

I was catching up on my Steampunk research, when I stumbled upon a particularly beneficent phrase about the genre… “Steampunk is a sub-culture that is well on its way into hitting the mainstream”.  For the random malignment of some yellow journalists trying to make deadlines for their virtual fish-wrappers, the occasional compliment directed towards the Steampunk community is always a refreshing respite.
On that note, the article in question addressed “Steampunk-ed” mobile phones, both those who simply appear to be dated (or, as explained, aren’t your dedicated mini-computers which many people own).  Instead, Miss Kathryn provides a concise outline for a “Steampunk phone”…
  • Its part of the look. Steampunk is an entire subculture that includes a certain style of dress. A modern mobile phone doesnt look right with this Victorian/Edwardian style. A steampunk mobile phone fits right in. Its a fashion accessory.
  • Its a DIY item. Many people are interested in trying to make their own Steampunk mobile phone just as a fun little DIY project. Its a modern craft thing.
  • Its a reminder of days gone by. Some people really love the Steampunk cultures throwback to the past. They like to be reminded of a time when things werent as easy or simple as they are now because it gets their imaginations going. A Steampunk phone helps with that.

A well written article, and most certainly worth a visit, at:

Additionally, she provides a link about the potential implementation of mobile phones with a more “Steampunk design and operation” in rural India (and possible growth of Steampunk-esque models of technology to other aspects of rural Indian culture).  Interesting to think that Steampunk might just be able to grow beyond a cultural genre to resolving real issues in real life.  To take a peek at this article (from Adaptive Path), visit the link at the bottom of the page, or here:

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