steampunk events 14 16 august 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Steampunk Events: 14-16 August, 2009

Bit of a hurry for an oddly quiet weekend in SL Steampunk and Neo-Victoriana, but the events this weekend take place on Friday night, starting with …
What: Steampunk (and Cyberpunk) Fashion show
When: Friday, the 14th of August, @ 7pm SLT
Where: Phoenix Horizon, Pavo Isle (122, 124, 2503)
An impressive lineup of designers will be present for this fashion show, so if you are a lady (or a gent) who is aware of the latest styles, then do ensure you pay a visit! Showing of four of the best known Steampunk and Neo-Victorian fashionistas in SL, it is certain to be a fantastic event.
What: Dreadful Bunkin’ Feathers
When: Ongoing throughout the day
Where: Rendezvous Point, Ibranic (114, 16, 1758)
This is an event that was quite literally “dropped” into my lap (e.g. a mysterious notecard). It is a musical event, taking place on board a Zeppelin moored to a giant tower. I’m not quite sure what the musical selection will be, but if one is of an adventuresome bent, do stop by, and take a step away from the well-worn circles of the known Steampunk, and try a new event! Well, time is of the essence, so until later!

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