steampunk events 27 28 june 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Steampunk Events: 27-28 June, 2009

A view of the Marzipan, one of SL’s classic Victorian entertainment venues, at Magellan Kinerva

What: The Marzipan Teahouse Baroque Ball
When: Saturday, the 27th of June, from 4 to 5:30 pm
Where: The Marzipan Teahouse, Magellan Kinerva

We warmly invite you to the Baroque Ball on Saturday evening, for a little change. You are most welcome to wear whatever you like, as usual, but if there’s a Baroque outfit you’d love to wear or you’d like an excuse to get one to wear, this is a wonderful opportunity to indulge a sense of formality and grandeur in the Baroque tradition! A few new dances, in addition to all the existing single, partner and group dances should add to the fun, along with the gorgeous music by Radio Riel and the usual lively and friendly chat.Join us … and have a delightful time!


What: Wanderlust – Dance event at the Boathouse
When: Sunday, June 28th, from 12 to 2 pm, SLT
Where: The Wheelhouse, Armada Breakaway

Join us at The Wheel House at Armada Breakaway for “Wanderlust” – two hours of steampunk, gothic, ska, and rock music with DJ Roswenthe Aluveaux. Steampunk is a relatively new music genre exploring gothic and rock music with a Victorian aesthetic, and often includes homemade or invented instruments. To find us, pick up a welcome box at the land point, wear the HUD, click it, and choose “Wheel House” from the menu. Feel free to come in Victorian or steampunk dress, but it is not required. Appropriate dress is required. See the land covenant for further information.


What: Music Appreciation, hosted by Vernian Process
When: Sunday, June 28th, at 8pm SLT
Where: New Champagne Rooms, New Babbage Square

Join Josh from the Vernian Process for a relaxed, casual evening as he shares some of his favorite music. Expect comfy seating, lively discussion, and impromptu dancing!

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