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Friday, July 17, 2009

Steampunk Events: Relay For Life

A view of the main New Babbage RFL build, including the Ferris Wheel and the stunning Unisphere
This weekend is the official grand opening of the Relay for life sim, and New Babbage has a stunning set of builds, easily providing some of the most notable highlights to the event.

Starting on Saturday, a number of themed laps will be taking place, each with its own theme (as listed on the chard below). Though one can visit at any time (after Saturday), the themes are specific SL gatherings for viewing the events
The scheduled listing of lap events for the RFL.
A graphic overview of the RFL
As one can see, the “walks” provide a comprehensive viewing of the entire display of the works at the RFL site. Numerous outstanding builders and designers from around SL have generously contributed their time to this endeavor, highlighting the numerous quantity and quality of the builds. (New Babbage’s location is in the upper right corner-ish of the map).

New Babbage’s theme was partially drawn from the Ning Calender’s “Great Exposition”, highlighting Paris’ legendary “Exposition Universelle” of 1900, itself considered one of the best remembered displays of innovation and design IRL.
The Grand Palais
A number of different builds are available for viewing in the Expo area, including representations of classic buildings of the era, housing a wide variety of displays and vendors.
A second view of the Unisphere and the (ridable) Ferris wheel
The Petit Palais
The Galerie de Machines display
A photo of the build, in the earlier building stage

And finally, a “sneak peek” of the “Martian Dreams”, a stunning recreation of the idealized, Steampunk era view of “life on Mars”
For more information, do visit the New Babbage Ning
I’ll be posting more photos and SLurls to locations as they become available!

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