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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Steampunk Events Update: More Relay for Life (and SLurls as well)!

The SL Relay for life is in full swing, and it is quite an impressive event! However, before I begin my monotonous monologue, I’ve listed the SLurls below, so one can go directly to the event if the time presents itself…
[Editor’s Note: The SL RFL will be open until Tuesday, so if one wishes to take one last opportunity to visit the sims, there is a bit of time remaining!]
New Babbage Universal Exposition, at:
Port St. Christopher (The Martian Dreams Display), at:
RFL Caledon’s Main Display, at:
RFL Caledon’s Metropolis Display, at:
Steelhead Salmon’s Display, at:
And now, a “brief-ish” overview of some of the notable displays and builds from the Steampunk realms. Do keep in mind, the photos do not do the originals justices – one needs to visit them in-world to appreciate the amount of work and effort expended on the beauties!

Miss Kandace Common’s Sphere d’ Unite – a stunning remake of the 1964 World’s Fair’s Unisphere….

…. with more fascinating detail at is base than can be captured in the photo!

Dr. Obolensky’s Tour Vertige – a simply stunning airship port, with working elevator and observation platform (I am the small speck on it – you’ll need to squint!)

The Petit Palais – home to the NB RFL vendors, a varied selection from the City-State’s vendors for the RFL.

Mr. Merryman’s La Grand Roue, a superb Ferris Wheel attraction (and yes, it is rideable, so do indulge in a view of the surrounding environs on it)!

A full image of La Grande Roue.

The center plaza, with the elevator to the top of La Tour Vertige

A peek inside the Petit Palais, with the NB RFL vendors and a milk display (and milk tracks leading out of it…)

The Grand Palais, with display from around the Steamlands

The Galarie de Machines, with outstanding Steampunk displays from New Babbage….

… a glance to the left…

…. and a glance to the right provides a snippet of the uniqe displays, ah… on display.

Mr. Reisuki Kojima’s amazing Martian Dreams, a recreation of Martian settlements with a classic Steampunk view is adjacent to the New Babbage build.

The entrance to Port St. Christopher…
… the landing pad with a ship ready to return to Earth.
The Red Rum Cave, the place to refresh oneself after exploring Martian ruins…

and a view of the pathway that intersects the dome.

A secret was shown to me during my visit to the display…

… providing an amazing view of the entire dome!

Caledon’sSteampunk-Metropolis” build – mixing elements of Steampunk and Pulp/Dieselpunk (or shall we say Art Deco and Art Nouveau?)

The base houses a very well done Art Deco stylized train station with train, along with airships above.
The RFL Caledon’s main display (unfortunately, I arrived at a very laggy time, requiring some sim restarts!)
Housing an intriguing device located inside – well done and textured.

The Steelhead display focused more on atmosphere, providing a respit from the lenghty, slow-going walk – this is the TP arrival point…

…. though I preferred the point a bit farther down the road.

“Bloody hell! This place has the worst service ever – must be that Martian waiter! I’ll give it two more minues, but after that, I’m leaving….”
Be sure to visit – after Sunday, it will all be gone!…

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Breezy Carver

Dear Dr Fabre
I just did another three laps myself this am (( grins )) and took a break to read your blog !!

I must commend YOU Sir quite well done .. thank YOU for your keen eye, wonderful mind and dear friendship !!! You Sir are quite Special to many of we .. All the best always ((thank YOU)) again!
ever Breezy 🙂
ps we are working with the Martians as they do tend to be their very own lot .. perhaps they were on track Sir .. (smiles)