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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Steampunk Fashion: The “Tim Burton” Look for the Alice in Wonderland opening weekend

While doing a bit of researching, I came upon this particular video by Miss Michelle Phan, who explains in interesting detail how to apply makeup as if on was in a Tim Burton movie (and though the obvious connotation is the new “Alice in Wonderland” movie, it could fit in with other works of his (e.g. Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, and the like).
For the ladies, it provides a detailed account as how to obtain the “look” of “Romantic Gothic”, as Miss Phan describes it.  Honestly, I had no idea the amount of detailed work that was involved with the application of makeup.  This video, as mentioned, does explain many of the lesser known issues of application of products to attain the desired appearance.  Additionally, if one is so inclined, her other videos on YouTube touch on additional topics dealing with “Beauty and Appearance” – most certainly worth a gander!  To see this and her other works, pay a visit to her channel, located at:
For the gents, well… I suppose it does answer the perennial question “What’s taking so long?”, when getting ready for an evening out.  I would say that rebuilding an engine block for a (steam-powered) Beetle would take less time, but so it goes.  Still interesting, nonetheless.


Breezy Carver

WOW !!!! I mean WOW !!
what a beautiful gal !!!
Her nails are amazing !!!
and her makeup a palet of live Art!
Just stunning Thank YOU Dear Rafael an Amazing .. share ..
((love The hair as well !!))
twirlss off to make up draw (grins)

Otenth Paderborn

Well, thats a pretty amazing video. And her YouTube page is interesting, too. Shes a gamer!


this was very very educational – I love costuming because of what I do, so having the insight from a fan showing a way of doing makeup ala Tim Burton was an awesome find…thanks!