future of steam on marketplace

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The future of Steam on Marketplace…

The exterior of Seattle Steam –
Powering Seattle since 1893 with Steam!
One of the minor pleasure I indulge in on the way from work is listening to the radio show titled Marketplace. Quite a good show which focus on economics and marketplace issue, it always has something unique in its daily program.  I was agog when they did a piece on Seattle Steam, one of the few remaining urban powerplants… that uses steam as its power source!  Its ecologically friendly, good for the environment, ect, ect…, but one can only imagine the possibilities of steam making a comeback in other urban areas as an efficient power source (it practically begs to be improved with a few Steampunk tweaks)!  To read (or better yet, listen) to the piece, please head over to the Marketplace Sustainability desk, at: http://marketplace.publicradio.org/displayhttp://07/27/pm-steam-power-makes-a-comeback/
and one can visit the plant itself, at: http://www.seattlesteam.com/
(not a very exciting site, but still, educational…)




Iceland is uber-steampunk!!! 🙂


Outstanding! – Ty!