the steam hunt has arrived in second

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Steam Hunt has arrived in Second Life!

The Escargot-a-vapeur, by Mr. Sextan Shephard
The seventh Steam Hunt has arrived at Second Life, has has grown to such proportions, that it has its own dedicated blog!  The Historical Hunts (at:, maintained by the very lovely Ms. Breezy Carver-Fabre, keeps tabs on this great event, along with photos of the available gifts for those dedicated to decipher the clues provided!  A few examples of the growing quality of the hunt are shown below…
The Crystal Egg Street Lamp, by Axo’s (#62)
The Time Machine, from the Land of Nodd (#28)
Personal Teleporter, by Asil Emor
The Neo-Victoria Visitor Center, at the Machinima Sim (#45)
And a special prize awaits those who make the trek to Cedar Bay Furnishings (in the beautiful Steelhead sim)!  So clear some time of your schedule and space in your inventory, and start your trek on the 7th SteamHunt, at:

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