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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NeoVictoria – Steampunk Machinima, RP, and more…

The Steamlands have had a dearth of new sims of late, so being able to comment on a new sim is something unique for the time.  NeoVictoria is indeed a new Steampunk sim, but with a unique focus on developing Machinima for Steampunk stories.

Orphans of the night visit the Skymall, by Miss Asil Ares

For the many residents of Second Life, Machinima is an opportunity to add more dimension to their backgrounds beyond traditional writing.  However, learning the technical aspects of developing a Machinima can be a daunting endeavor in SL, as it not only requires traditional scripting and cinematographic skills, but also a mastery of Second Life interface controls.

A visit to NeoVictoria’s Armillary, by Miss Asil Ares
To address the in-world machinima production, the film-makers of NeoVictoria use a prim-based filming tool called “BijoCam”.  This tool, as per its description, the BijoCam kit…
“… contains a copyable camera object, a copyable “sensor field” for placing camera triggers in your builds, and a freely copyable and transferable attachment allowing others to view your camera effects, plus a pre-scripted panel for dispensing those attachments. 
Set up camera positions in advance for taking snapshots of events, model poses, and more – then activate them with a single spoken command and cycle between them with a click!
Monitor areas you control by placing cameras on them and view them from your central control room! 
Build camera effects into your structures – no longer be limited by the distance of the SL camera! Create grand halls viewed from one end, staircases where you walk towards the camera, and dark tunnels where the avatar shrinks to a point!”
Priced at L$200, it seems a small price for a budding virtual Cecil B. DeMille!  The listed machinima (the one at the top, and the two directly below) are actually a tutorial on how to use the BijoCam system to produce your own machinima.

Find more videos like this on NeoVictoria

“The Kiss – Part 2” – BijoCam Tutorial Part 2 – Using Cameras

Find more videos like this on NeoVictoria

“The Kiss – Part 3” – BijoCam Tutorial Part 3, Using Sensors

In addition, there is an attached Sky Mall, which in addition to attire, footwear, hair and props for both gentlemen and ladies involved in filming, has supplemental tools to assist with avatar functions (e.g. expression emoters, CCS, Swim Huds, ect…).  It leans a bit more on the ladies’ side, but still, a good selection of useful items all around.

Still from “The Kiss”
Additionally, if one isn’t necessarily involved with machinima, there is a strong role play element at NeoVictoria.  If one choses to be involved with the RP, do take a moment and read the outline of the sim’s rules.  There is often filming taking place, and overview of the conduct in NeoVictoria is provided at the arrival point to the NeoVictoria sim, and a map to the area is provided as well.

Posed shot from an earlier shoot at NeoVictoria, by Mr. Tikaf Viper

I had the opportunity to speak with the sim owner, Miss Asil Ares, and our discussion led to NeoVictoria’s extensive press release, located at: .   Additionally, she will be maintaining NeoVictoria’s Ning past August – to visit it, please turn to:

Still from “The Kiss”
Though it may take a bit of time to reach the skills displayed by Mr. Loki Eliot, New Babbage’s own cinamatographer extraordinaire, but NeoVictoria offers the tools and environment to start!  To visit NeoVictoria in-world, please follow this SLurl, at:



Thank you so much for your report on machinimatography in NeoVictoria! Sadly, I must agree our skymall does not have the selection of gentlemans fashions Id hoped to secure before we offically opened [Machinima opened in May and NeoVictoria is scheduled to open this month]. If there are makers who would like to vend in NeoVictoria, I encourage them to contact me or Asil Emor in-world.


[For those interested in roleplaying in NeoVictoria, here is a bit of our backstory. NeoVictoria roleplay is set in an alternate dimension and has a different history than the other Steamlands.]

Time and space and the softness between dimensions; NeoVictoria straddles such a place. Those with skill, or luck, or terrible need might make their way to it. A small planet, nestled in the VICO III galaxy, its citizenry cling to the land and sky, for its vast oceans are home to forces that do not heed the crown. But they are loyal to the Sidhe queen who sits on her throne millions of light-years away. Alexandrina Victoria, Queen of Earth, Empress of the Void: one tap of her tiny foot on the Stone of Scone sets the worlds to shake. Its 2127 and Pax Britannica has held sway for more than three thousand years.

In this dimension, the Sidhe (fae) never faded, but worked with some would say ruled over their human charges until The Empire spanned the known universe. Much of these worlds, you might recognize: thriving cities with buildings that scrape the skies or wide forests which have never known the touch of iron. But some of what youll meet is familiar only in nightmare: demons and angels, werebeasts and vampires, mechanical marvels made manifest by the fearsome power of their trapped human souls.

The gentleman in the fanciful top-hat might be exactly as he seems, a charming human man, eager to make your acquaintance for the price of a tale or he may be a fiend with dark plans, should you relax your guard. The herbalist, selling her potions in the busy market may be your best hope, should you fall ill though she might switch your warm quivering liver for a mechanical twin to save your life.

Angels you will find and other servants of the Light. But always, there is the balance. So gentle traveler, as you walk the streets of NeoVictoria, be wary for the sky is dark and the fair queen is far away.