traditional steam whistles at pratt

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Traditional Steam Whistles at Pratt University, New York

Steam from rumur on Vimeo.
Pratt University, in Brooklyn, New York, has a tradition of playing a Steam whistle during the holidays.  They’ve kindly posted this years buildup to the amazing show – the videos presented show a bit of the dust being knocked of the equipment.  For a longer article on the topic, please visit Make Magazine 2008 on Mr. Conrad Milster’s amazing endeavor, located at:


Breezy Carver

Just a wonderful wonderful SHare Sir 🙂 ..Ho ho ho to you 🙂

Skusting Dagger

This is always a most spectacular event. The whistles are just part of the fun. They open up the engine room to visitors and you are allowed to bring your own champagne