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Saturday, April 11, 2009

RL Steampunk: Make Magazine, Volume 17

As of late, I have been wrestling with some automotive issues, precluding my relaxing time blogging about the beloved genre. However, even with said modern technological issues, the Steampunk gods smiled upon me this afternoon, and directed me to the local bookseller, where to my good fortune, volume 17 of Make magazine was still on sale! (I had thought that volume was pulled from the shelves.)

This is the “Steampunk” edition, full of very useful and innovative Steampunk mods and ideas, ranging from articles on the “Florence Siphon Arabica Brewing & Extraction Apparatus” (a very clever coffee device, which apparently brews an extraordinary cup of Coffea Arabica), a Wunderkammer (a means of housing and displaying natural oddities – they had an impressive of Peter the Great’s collection of human teeth… apparently he viewed himself as an amateur dentist!), to datamancer’s tricks aging brass for your favorite pair of goggles!

Below, I have included a small video by Mr. Von Slatt on a Wimshurst Influence Machine, a unique device that is explained in exceptional detail in the “Lost Knowledge” issue (the alternate title for Volume 17)…

Franklin’s Bells from Jake von Slatt on Vimeo.

If you are able to, by all means obtain a copy of this little gem – it will disappear off the shelves in May of 2009, so there are a few more weeks to obtain a copy gem! To read more on this, please turn to:

Or read more about Make Magazine, at:

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