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Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Babbage Celebration – The Oiling Festival

When ideas came forth for Holidays in New Babbage, a spring celebration was proposed, which later expanded into a week-long event. Though it nothing came of it last year, this year has seen the minting of the Oiling Festival – its concept being that “…it would be a rejuvination, an oiling to the hard-working cogs and gears that maintained the city over the winter season…” (to the best of my recolleciton, anyways!)

New changes have arrived after the cold winter events, and with new changes come the celebration of Spring. That being said, a slate of events will be taking place this week in the city-state, specifially…

March 22: R.F. Burton Library opening: Past Futures
March 26: Games Night at Cocoa Java Cafe
March 28: Steamfitter’s Ball, Piermont Landing
March 29: Kite Festival, Palisades Greenspace

Additionally, a series of contests will be sponsored by Mayor Tenk and Mr. Cleanslate, including…

BRIDGES: there are 3 types of bridges needed in Wheatstone Waterways: high-to-high, high-to-low, and low-to-low. All bridges must allow boats to pass with at least a 5 meter clearance. Starting March 21, you may start building bridges, and they will be linked in such a manner that the prims stay to the center of the designated canals. Prizes: $3000/$2000/$1000 and a chance at a bridge contract in a difficult building spot.

URBAN CLUTTER: we need some new clutter. Crates of export products, barrels, pallettes, dock fittings, soup cans, construction debris, scrap iron, let your imagination run wild. Items will be added to city inventory and made available to builders. Low prim and full perm please. Prizes $2000/$500/$250.

TACKY TOURIST SOUVENIERS: Babbage gets tourists, lets give them something. Wearable items should be displayed in a photo. Items will ultimately end up on a freebie cart. Staging area: Babbage Square post office at extreme southeast corner of Babbage Square, next to the Instrument Shop. Prizes $1000/$500/$250.

BEST OILER: I want to see our citizens at work. Take a photo of avatars out working on their machines and getting dirty. Reallly dirty. Staging area: inside Tomanha Hall in Number Seven. Prizes $1000/$500/$250

TARTAN: There has been a request for a city tartan. Staging area: Pearse’d and Cut in Babbage Square. Contact Edward Pearse to stage your entry. Prizes $1000/$500/$250

NEWSTAND – to act as a information booth at the central train station

HONKING BIG MACHINE – is just what you think it is. Entry is via lottery as space is limited, get notecard to me by Tuesday, and those that will be allowed to build for this one will be announced at office hours. The machines will be set out on Friday 3/27.You may start staging your items for competition on March 21 through Friday march 27. Judging to take place Saturday March 28.

For more specific details on events and contests (and there are a few more rule, so if intersted in competing)… please turn to:

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