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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Cala Mondrago

The Palace, at Cala Mondrago

Today’s Travelogue features a visit to Cala Mondrago, unique in the Steamlands as it veers from the European-focused aspect of Steampunk, to a less common African/Asian influenced version of Steampunk.  I was fortunate to be able to impose upon Miss Bianca Namori, the sim owner, for a few moments of her time, so she could provide a bit of background about Cala Mondrago….

The Steampunk Tribune: Could you tell a bit about your sim’s inception and inspiration?

BN: Believe it or not, Cala Mondrago is a Steampunk sim that exists in the desert. Incorporating the Middle Eastern and Orient cultures,  Cala Mondrago is a dream that we hope will spark ideals within the norm of Victorian Steampunk, and set them on fire! Like most sims, we have an eclectic mix of residents.  From merchants to mystics, roleplayers to those who simply enjoy being a part of the community. But most of all, Mondrago is here for fun, and hopes to brand Steampunk in a different light – one that is full of inspiration and expression.

Classic edifices in Cala Mondrago

SPT: There are a good number of Steampunk sim in SL – what sets your sim apart from the rest?

BN: As proudly stated before, it’s our ability to be a desert (and non-gorean) location within the world of Steampunk. As far as I know, Cala Mondrago is the only sand-themed Steampunk sim within the steamlands, and that, to me, just shows the amazing unique opportunity Mondrago has to show the Steampunk world what positive thinking outside the box can do!

The Market Place (at one of its quiet moments….)

SPT: What are the most notable parts of your sim (architecture, builds, ect)?

BN: I have to say that I am completely proud of the whole sim, but what I enjoy the most, beyond all shadow of a doubt, is the Clockwork Palace. It’s a place that offers a breath-taking view of the setting sun, and is amazingly fun for formal balls.  The clockwork palace is not only my home, but what I feel is a great symbol of beauty here in my home.

Lively celebrations at the Laughing Djinn

SPT: Are there regular events which people can visit and enjoy your sim?


7-9pm SLT – Chai Me Up: A mix of Bombay, steampunk, and experimental music hosted by DjPiper Steampunk
9-10pm SLT The Laughing Djinn: A belly dance performance hall in Cala Mondrago that hosts shows for guest across the grid as well as encouraging public dancing afterward.

7-8pm SLT – Mst3k Theater. Good times with the Vizer of Mondrago MichaelD Mannonen

7-8pm SLT – The Readery: A community story telling event where stories are built up week by week until finished, and then added to our library.

Saturdays there is another performance of the Laughing Djinn at 9pm SLT, which usually turns into a major event. As Mondrago grows though, we hope to develop our own niche with unique events that the steamlands can enjoy.

Pajama Party at the Laughing Djinn

SPT:  Is there anything else you’d care to mention about your sim?

BN: Cala Mondrago is a dream that has gone both ways for me but it is 100% a great experience that I’m glad I have taken a chance on in my 10 months of SL creation.
I hope to expand to only 3 sims, continue to develop the desert steampunk idea, and share in the bliss and magic that I hope to share for as long as I can here in SL, with everyone. Someone told me when I was having a rough time in SL to find my fun, and not only has Mondrago brought me fun, it has also brought me family that I can enjoy, fight with, and fight for.

Residents enjoying the view in Cala Mondrago!
Miss Namori was also interviewed at the excellent Steampunk publication Beyond Victoriana (Issue #62)!  Do take a moment to learn more about this Steampunk oasis, the consider paying a visit, at:

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