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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Photographic Journal: Port Babbage, Part 1

Port Babbage Promonade at night

One of the nagging concerns I have had about our beloved city is the lack of exposure of its grand edifices. New Babbage is replete with beautiful constructs, each adding its own small sparkle to the gem that the city-state is. As such, I am conducting a small photographic journal of the venues of the City, in hopes that more visitors will come to admire its beauty.

[Ed. note: I have noticed that Blogger has been tempermental with displaying photos, so I shall have to limit the number of images to ensure that an entire article’s photos are displayed. If you are experiencing the same situation, please let me know. If you happen to know how to resolve, by all means drop a line!… Part 2 – I have had to repost this article due to the same issue, so some of the photos have changed, but hopefully I have resolved the problem!]

Heading west towards the more urbane Babbage Square

Along the Port Babbage Promande, is the new “To-a-T” and P.irate flagship store

Unity house – to become the new home of the Connolly Telegraph

Gaslights Emporium’s Flagship store, facing the Port Babbage slips

Corner of the Promanade and the Port Babbage Dock Landing… Home to a display of an underwater domicile Stanley’s Emporium and (ahem) the Quarterdeck (my little endevor)!

Serenity Steamworks – at the end of the Port Babbage Promanade, buffering against the Vernian Sea’s docks


Skusting Dagger

I will miss Unity House, although I look forward to the presence of the Connolly Telegraph.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Yes sir, I concur with your sentiment. Nonetheless, I am quite happy with Miss Connolly’s new footprint in the Port.